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Through some of our amazing times in Tanzania we have received some letters of thanks and encouragement. We'd like to share them with you here.

(founded in Tanzania on 28 April 1959)
National General Secretary: Stewart H. Lyatum
(Letters to be addressed to the National Secretary General Secretary)

Tina Wren
Mount Kilimanjaro Fist Aid Community Programme

Dear Tina,
Greetings from the National Council Moshi I hope this letter finds you well. Your organisation working the vulnerable has made a great community impact in terms of enhancing the life skills of the orphans in the Kilimanjaro Region. It is from the above positive community interaction that Tanzania YMCA desires to work with you in sustaining the lives of girls (both orphans and non-orphans) in the under mentioned areas:

  • Peer education project
  • Sustainable food programme
  • First aid
  • Clothes collection and distribution at YMCA Centres to be distributed to orphanages
  • Music
  • Arts and crafts
  • Help with teaching English etc
Tanzania YMCA runs a Girls Boarding Secondary School known as St. Margaret Girls Secondary School, located at Marangu Moshi. The first initial programmes are intended to begin in this school in 2012.
Kindly accept our positive intention to work with your Organization in mutually agreed conditions Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Best regards
William Munis
For National General Secretary

Mount Kilimanjaro School
P.O. Box 136, Moshi, Tel: 2753372 Fax: 2753373
University of Cambridge
International Examinations
Cambridge International Centre
Centre No. TZ 015

Mrs Christina Wren et al,


Mount Kilimanjaro School would like to say thank you to you Mrs Christina Wren and your colleagues (for the Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme) for the wonderful sustainable projects you have both developed and implemented in our school and the nearby local community.

Our pupils gained enormous skills in arts and crafts which are now able to share the knowledge and skills acquired with local orphanages and pass on the knowledge to the kids living in the orphanage. In addition, we really appreciate the Football Programme which delivers message about HIV has been received by the children very warmly and not forgetting the importance of the first aid team which was set in 2009 which helps our people save lives.

We commend you so much as you took some of our children into the orphanage to help develop a sustainable food programme with the children on the orphanage and now are above to feed themselves on a self-reliance basis because of the shared skills between you and your team on one side and the children on the other.

We wish you a bon voyage and hope to see you in the future for other related projects.

Thank you,

College of African Wildlife Management, MWEKA
5th September, 2011
Kilimanjaro Community Based Organization

Dear Tina,


Thank you for conducting conservation programmes at Mweka that held on 17th August, 2011.

The programme was well organised and attended by majority of our students. Students had an opportunity to design and display wildlife artistic works including giraffe, zebra, elephant and plant species (acacia).

The project or rather activity helped to raise conservation awareness amongst the students and the community at large in seeing the importance of conserving the environment for present and future generations needs.

It is obviously that without your support this event could not be possible. Everyone at this college sends deepest appreciation for your support.

Indeed, we are fortunate to have people as yourself that are dedicated in improving conservation education.

We look forward to formally collaborate in the near future.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Obeid Mahenya (Dean of students)

Mt. Kilimanjaro School
P.O Box 136

5th Sept, 2011

Dear Tina and Andrew,
Much greetings from me. It's my sincere hope that you are fine as I am. The main objective of writing this letter is to give you a lot of thanks for all what you have done to me and others in general. I in particular have appreciated very much the many and different books you have donated/provided to the library. The books will help our pupils/students improve their English language.

Secondly, on the sides of sports, you have contributed tremendously by providing balls, t shirts etc. not forgetting the renovation you did in the school's main office and hostels.

This has really changed their appearance. You have also offered first aid, activities in and outside the school. Not forgetting the swimming pools and radios and laptops etc. another remarkable event is helping of orphans centre by providing them with food, school uniforms to mention but a few. The orphans are really destitute children and without you giving them a hand, they can find themselves unprivileged and neglected. May God let you live longer so as to continue helping the need in general.

In conclusion, I would not forget how we visited Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire national parks. This was a golden opportunity to me because I managed to see some wild animals for the first time.

Thank you once more for giving me these opportunity special thanks should go to Mrs. Tina Wren, who without her things couldn't have taken the course they did. May the almighty God help you and your family in general.

Finally I wish you a safe journey bac


Yours sincerely,
Sarah Kwayu

World Revival Ministries Tanzania (W.R.M.T)
P.O Box 1457 – Moshi – Tanzania
Cell: +255 – 755 – 784485 or +255 – 788 – 865005


Christina Wren
The Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme
United Kingdom (UK)

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: thanks for helping our children at Newland village orphanage

It is our great pleasure to thank you and your fellow volunteers for helping our children at Newland village orphanage which is operated by our fellow member of WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES, TANZANIA (Pastor William Bomba) at Newland Free Pentecostal church of Tanzania. Your contribution of schools, shoes, buying hens, goats and other support provided by you and your fellow volunteers are highly appreciated well.

I honestly thank you very much on behalf our children, churches, ministries, Pastors, evangelists, Believers in our organisation.

May God's blessing be up on you and your work together with your fellow volunteers from UK.

Rev. Bukuri A. Masago – Chairman
World Revival Ministries, Tanzania (W.R.M.T)

Letter to be addressed to the principle

P.O. Box 865
MOSHI- Tanzania
Tel: (027) 2751754
Fax: (027) 2751734

Date: June 2011

Ref: Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme

To Tina Wren,
Dear Mrs Wren, thank you so much for allowing your students and volunteers to visit the YMCA Hotel Training School, Moshi.

The whole visit was so instructional to the Hotel students – in all eighty students and staff. All were so impressed with the way that Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme students demonstrated the first aid programme.

work that you and your volunteers do for the community in Moshi – is magnificent.

We hope we will be able to have much contact in the future between our school and college. I am sure it will be most beneficial to both.

Please thank your students for performing to such a very high standard

An Institute of the National Council of Tanzania YMCA

Thank you
John Anderson – Director of Education

P.O. BOX 121

21ST July 2011

Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme

R.E: Acknowledge for teaching Muungano pupils football

With regard to heading above the school community of Muungano Primary School would like to thank you a lot for helping our school in teaching our pupils football.

We thank a lot Madame Christina Wren, Ellie Anderson and Mr Andrew Jenkin for coming to our school to teach our pupils football for four days.

Our pupils enjoyed very much although the time was very limit[ed]. We wish if they had enough time to keep on teaching our pupils even for one month.

We warmly welcome you again to teach our pupils whenever you have time in future.

Pass our regards to our friends in Europe who [are] unable in one way or another to teach our pupils football.

Yours sincerely
Michael O. Munis
The Head of School

Tel: 0762020447

Dear Tina,
We are so grateful for the support and hand you [are] giving us.

The knowledge I personally feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn and teach and pass it on to others.

Helping and supporting he orphans and Mount Kilimanjaro school for the sports equipment, I feel so blessed and happy that I can make a difference as a card coordinator. I feel so happy I can't express it with words.

Thanks a lot Tina, I promise to bring change and share my skills and train and love and do all I can to support my fellow students, orphans and the community around me.

As I want a bright future for myself I would like my people (who surround me) even [to] live a good life.

People in Tanzania are not that developed and rely [on] help from the West but I believe that if I can help in small ways by making the cards and the money be used in different ways making the environment (surrounding) a better place to live.

We all want a happy life [as do] the orphans and [as do] the poor.

Thanks Tina
Hope we will make it to a place where the orphans and all of us live happy and in love and in peace.

Have a safe journey,
Keep in touch,
See you soon,
Anisa Mustafa!

To beloved Madam Tina

Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid [Community] Programme

It's people like you
Who make this WORLD
A BETTER place to live in;
And this comes with GRATITUDE
To let you know how
Much you are APPRECIATED


Black and White Arts Gallery, Orphans, Children, Moshi.

To Tina
I wanted to experience a different culture. I wanted to try to make a small difference in Africa! I wanted to meet new people and experience a different way of life?!!

Did I achieve the above wish list'? you bet I did in more ways than I ever expected. But most of all, I met the most kind and inspirational lady from whom I observe and learn from everyday (as well as laughter – the most important memory that will stay with me) that lady Tina is you.

Thank you

Goodhope Goodluck
P.O. Box 142

Dear Tina,
I hope you're fine, me too am fine, it has come to the time to say goodbye until we meet again if God is willing sincerely you have been good to me and not only to me [but] to all the first aid students, at large and non. I have nothing to give you as a thanks for all the thing teaching advices, love and caring you have been showing us but I know and believe that God will pay you accordingly.

As you are living today 6/09/2011 most of us are wondering and asking ourselves if God will give us this chance again to be with you but we believe that through pay God is going to give us the chance again because mountain never meet but we do.

I wish you a wonderful and joyous moment as you are going to meet your family and friends once again and tell them how much you have been working for us and how much we have learned. Tell them we need you more than they do.

On behalf of my first aid student, I wish you a nice journey and pray for God protection throughout your way also pray for me as I am going to sit for my exams tomorrow.

Love you Sana,
With lots of love and miss,
From your student,
Goodhope Goodluck

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