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Striving to make a difference through our football academy and peer educator workshops which deliver vital messages about HIV/Aids awareness

Striving to make a difference we are actively developing a football academy and peer educator workshops which deliver vital messages about HIV/Aids awareness through football to children in the Kilimanjaro Region. The academy will be ran by ourselves and our very own Micky Weir (Ex Hiberians player).

...I have become involve because Tina the founder simply wants to give these young people a chance, and through the power of football which touches the hearts of so many the 'Mount Kilimanjaro first Aid Community Programme and its JOYSAT projects' (Joining of Youths in Scotland, South Tyneside, South Shields, Teeside, and Tanzania) are trying to save lives by delivering their workshops. In addition, helping to break down racial barriers as football is like a language recognised all over the world, I know the impact this project will have on people's lives will continue to be massive and I am delighted to be involved...

Supporters of our programme include footballing legends

Mickey Weir ex-professional (Hibernian FC) is our football mentor who works closely with our coaches at Wallace Academy to support the young people involved in the UK and our football academy in Tanzania. Mickey, has played for Hibernian FC in the Scottish Premiership League, Motherwell with stints at Luton and Millwall. He has coached at Motherwell and Cowdenbeath. Oh and not forgetting his contributions to the famous 'Kickabout radio show or Kickabout Scotland otherwise known as Kickabout Podcast. This Pilton lad from Edinburgh is green and white through and through, with a League Cup medal to his name and 20 years of football experience in his veins. Mickey is our little pocket dynamo who steered Hibs to a 1992 League Cup and who is known to many Hibbees as one of Easter Road's legends.

Very much aware of the difficulties some young people experience in life Mickey said "…I have lost friends to drugs," he adds. "Bad enough for them to die, but awful too, for the ones left behind. My friend once said 'you've got a chance to be something, don't end up like me on drugs, this isn't a life for anyone', but some people can't discipline themselves out of it. Some of the best footballers around are sitting about in pubs or at the bookies because they didn't use their talent…" Mickey is very much aware young people's experiences especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and has never forgotten about those left behind. Those young people out there who are pushed towards a life of missed opportunities through peer pressure or life circumstances just because no-one's ever told them there's an alternative or have shown them the way. Perhaps simply having someone like us to believe in them "Kids listen to people who have been through it," he points out, "they want to hear from people like myself, ex-sportsmen and women. There's an opportunity there to get to these kids before they lose their chance." Tina has asked me to run the academy with her and what she is doing in simple terms is given then young people a chance and believe she will carry this off with her wealth of experience.

Source: Mickey Weir and the Edinburgh Evening News (7th April 2009).

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