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Motivated by a person's own passion or transferable skills the project helps volunteers to develop new skills and gain invaluable work experience

To continue to improve the quality of our service, as perceived by our members, we encourage the development of viable, ethical development as we set out to provide valued sustainable support with the view of making each project we embark upon eventually an autonomous projects within its own right. As we believe sustainability is the key to success and handing over the projects we originally started to the African people means empowering individuals and communities to become self-governing.

Our Social Aims

To help save lives, reduce poverty and through the power of education we help support people to take voluntary action to help them to bring about positive change in their own lives should they wish to do so. We are committed to helping families in poor communities to improve their own quality of lives.

To create new life chances we provide skills and education and develop new branches or social networks of opportunities for those who may have felt previously excluded from utilising the services society can provide.

• To promote the provision of education to the general public through our sustainable projects in Britain, or helping to improve the quality of education in rural areas within Africa. We deliver educational workshops skills through peer education as we believe education enriches the lives of so many. We hold the view that education should be a human right for everyone, no matter where you live.

Combating Social Exclusionary Drivers through our Out Reach Program

Whether it's the provision of local Community Based Out-Reach services in Scotland and England or the provision of overseas volunteering programmes abroad; we support people to become actively involved in the sharing of transferable skills with others most in need of their support.

Combating social exclusion drives through our volunteering opportunities we strive to break the cycle of poverty and exclusionary practices. Developing inclusionary practices, we help provide skills to save lives and decrease harmful stereotypes as we empower individuals to become involved and make positive changes in their own lives should they wish to do so.

Health Care Provision – lifesaving Skills

Working at grassroots level we focus on the real basic necessities needed by schools and orphanages in Africa in order to encourage improvements. We provide a variety of capacity training and resources, for example, essential lifesaving skills and equipment, tooffering m emotional support. Building on the successful implementation of our first aid programme and support from Mount Kilimanjaro School and Newlands Orphanage in the Kilimanjaro Regiuch needed on, students are now teaching first aid themselves within their own impoverished communities, where access to hospitals and the affordability for treatment can be seen as severely limited.

The project now provides vital lifesaving skills and equipment so that our future aim is achieved, which is; to be able to have a mobile and prepared team of highly qualified staff and volunteers to provide lifesaving support when necessary.

Targeting individuals and communities through the deliverance of a peer education HIV/AIDS awareness project and first aid emergency skill workshops within Africa through the provision of education we aim to empower others to help save lives.

Our long term goal is to offer Health care provision in different forms, so that children and their community elders have better life chances. This includes the development of mobile podiatry clinic.

In short, we'd like to do all this

  • To relieve suffering by providing lifesaving skills such as first aid to communities and individuals where access to hospitals and emergency care is severely limited within rural communities in Africa.

  • Our aim is to assist the people of Tanzania and within the UK in their efforts to improve education, and to involve local people actively in creating sustainable projects and practices which will help improve their own lives or economic condition.

  • To work closely with young people who lack in aspiration for life and bring them together with volunteers who have valuable transferable skills they are willing to share. Thus, given them access to new social networks of opportunities and life chances.

  • We will also show we are committed to achieving social and economic justice, as we strive to promote the rights of young people to fully participate in every aspect of society, should they wish to do so. As we believe they too have equal rights to citizenship.

  • We work very hard at promoting social inclusionary not exclusionary practice.

  • To help all our volunteers gain invaluable work experience.

  • Promote equality, diversity and breaking down racial barriers, social justice and showing evidence of the implementation of our inclusionary not exclusionary practices.

  • To offer a helping hand to the poor, disadvantaged or marginalised both here in the UK and in Africa.

  • To invest in young people; empowering them through the power of education to help themselves in developing their own ways through life.

  • To provide educational resources such as gaining access to technology.

  • To promote sexual health and HIV awareness through our peer education workshops.

  • To provide a mobile Podiatry clinic.

  • To provide emotional support working closely with qualified volunteers and staff in order to develop a counselling service.

To find out more of what we want to achieve in 2012 please view this PDF

Tina teaching first aid in Tanzania

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