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Helping to turn lives around for the better, we aim to give people more choices and chances in every aspect of their life

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Here at Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme and its 'JOYSAT' (Joining of Youths in Scotland, South Tyneside, Sunderland, and Tanzania) projects we support some of Britain and Africa's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people whose lives have been affected by a number of social challenges, social exclusionary drivers, disabilities and conditions of extreme poverty. We offer a hand up for young people who need additional forms of support by offering alternative forms of education; the project supports young people who may have become come disengaged from education, or struggle to see past their own communities. Alleviating poverty through the power of education, we set out to expand people's knowledge and appreciation for the difficulties that others face on a daily basis having to live in relative poverty. Here at 'Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme and its JOYSAT Projects' we offer a platform to showcase their achievements at both a local and international level and provide a platform for their voices to be heard.

The project offers a life line to the most vulnerable, by proving new skills and opportunities to help improve their own life chances. Taking a holistic approach to multiple social challenges we promote a diversity of human rights in many areas of everyday life. The service is now delivered by more than 20 volunteering staff and has successfully helped re-engage a number of young people back into education. Together they have encouraged young people to help design, implement and deliver over 10 peer education workshops. The services they provide help individuals and communities living in extreme levels of poverty to become independent in their own communities. By involving young people in local community activities, this brings added value to their lives. Helping people by addressing the root cause of the social exclusionary drivers which impact on their lives in such a negative way.

The organisation also aims to provide social enterprises which provides support and paid work for people until such time as they are confident to move on to mainstream employment. We aim to provide useful facilities for the local communities we work in. Offering a diverse range of service support, educational resources and life saving skills, the team of volunteers offer support in crisis through stability and helps the people we work with to then go on to recovery, education and employment. In addition, we provide volunteers and the people we work with the creative space to develop new networks of opportunities, utilising their own creative ideas and skills for social enhancement, to promoting social justice and equal rights we aim to provide new life chances, which are a key objectives of our organisation. Supporting disadvantage young people with little aspiration in life within the UK, to providing emergency life saving skills and equipment to individuals and communities living in extreme levels of poverty and were access to emergency treatment is severely limited. Together we encourage young people to actively participate in initiatives driven by their own aspirations for life, at the same time working towards improving the quality of life for others, who may be in need of our support the most.

Through our peer educational workshops we offer chances to design, deliver and implement sustainable programmes. The overall aim is to help alleviate poverty through the power of education by passing on our own transferable skills. That helps to improve the economic status of young people, individuals and communities empowering them by providing opportunities to acquire new skills/training, but most importantly, helping to save lives, which have been demonstrated by our HIV awareness, First Aid, STI and Sexual Health programmes.

Benefits of our work are likely in the following areas

Health, Welfare, Emotional, Community Support

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Economic/Community development
  • Health/Welfare/Emotional Support
  • Provide counselling support
  • Alleviation of poverty
  • Relief of Suffering
  • Advancement of Education and alternative forms of education
  • Breaking down racial barriers
  • Expansion of global relationships/youth international exchanges and overseas volunteering work
  • Advancement of sports development
  • Advancement of the arts/crafts/music/life saving skills
  • Development of employment
  • Provides human and educational resources
  • Provides other finances
  • Provides services
  • Improve the quality of life for children, young people, individuals, communities
  • Advancement of social justice, human rights and social equality
  • Combat the negative impact of social exclusionary drivers

Environmental Benefits: Raising awareness and improving efficiency through the provision of advice, educational conservation workshops in conjunction with our supporters at the 'College of African Wildlife Management' and local colleges in both Tanzania and the UK. Our work spans from increasing our clothes recycling project in partnership with the YMCA in Tanzania, in order to provide clothes for orphanages within Africa, thus reducing the volume going to landfills. Further developing our conservation activities, by engaging young people in the process at every stage.

Community Regeneration: Tackling poverty through the provision of creation of small cottage industries within Africa and the power of education within the UK. Through the creation of employment opportunities. Supporting the most disadvantaged communities through a range of interventions such as the provision of advocacy and advice. Including black and ethnic, vulnerable, minority groups, and people with disabilities, mental health issues to lone parents encouraging them to engage in the welfare services society already provides. Encouraging community action and participation and expanding the range of services society provides.

Social Benefit: To improve the quality of life in local and international communities through environmental improvements, increasing services for disadvantaged people and help their employment chances. Campaigning on local and global issues and allowing participation on decision making.

Economic Benefit: Improving training, capacity of work opportunities.

Health Benefit: Improve the physical and emotional health of the community/individuals/orphans through local food growing projects, promoting healthy eating. Helping to save lives through our peer-education health prevention workshops. Providing emotional support through our counselling service.

  • We strive to offer diverse types of training in order to make people self-reliant, especially for those who have to cope with having to deal with eradicating poverty themselves. Our work will cover vulnerable groups who we hope to train and equip to help make positive changes in their own lives.
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Why Not Join Us on our overseas volunteering project in Africa Helping out working back here in the UK supporting a number of young people and charities we currently work with held very close to our hearts.

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