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JOYSAT works with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people lacking in aspiration for life in the UK

JOYSAT is a branch of Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme which works with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to give them opportunities to learn skills and empower them to make a difference in their own lives. JOYSAT aims to provide support and activities which develop skills, confidence, self-esteems and life chances and people's own economic capacities and capabilities to enable them to become and feel as if they are useful contributors and participants in the development of their own society and help them to become mature and responsible individuals with a purpose for life.

JOYSAT also attempts to promote social justice, equality, inclusionary not exclusionary practices, break down racial barriers through the sharing of knowledge and the diversity of our many inclusionary projects and workshops. Allowing young people a platform to share their lived experiences and provide them with a chance so that their voices can be heard, to express their views, build on their skills settings and to share their aspirations for life with others and promote their equal right to citizenship and human rights from a local and global perspective. Striving to develop information workshops which engage young people on global issues such as the reduction of relative poverty strategies and to develop awareness of social exclusionary drivers and measures taken to combat these issues.

To achieve these aims we will

Utilise the skills and experiences of volunteers and highly professional individuals and experience community outreach workers. Working in partnership with: our supporters, partners, other organisations, institutions and charities; we hope to fulfill our aims and objectives.

How we will achieve these aims and objectives;

  • Provide an outstanding youth role model run organisation with realistic aims and objectives, which includes young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in every stage of our development.
  • Encouraging young people willing to take responsibility to spear head creative active initiatives for social enhancement.
  • Promote volunteerism and the sharing of transferable skills, by offering invaluable work experience to Graduates and Undergraduates and the General Public.
  • Create new social networks and branches of opportunities, by introducing disadvantaged young people to university students, and the general public who have transferable skills they are willing to share. As a result we strive to build pools of social capital, which consequently creates new inclusionary not exclusionary practices for vulnerable young people who would not normally have access to such opportunities.

JOYSATS (Joining of Youths in Scotland and Tanzania) through Sports

  • Help improve the sexual health of the people of Tanzania, by working with the people of Tanzania, through many avenues, including football.

  • Encourage football to be practiced at all levels, regardless of gender, age, religion and ability.

  • Start coaching disadvantaged youths in the UK, and help them achieve their coaching certificates.

  • When these certificates have been achieved, help send these individuals to Tanzania and pass on their skills, and help individuals in Tanzania achieve their coaching certificates.

  • Help create more sports development programmes through peer education – young people supporting other young people.

  • Strive to provide and improve sports facilities through Tanzania.

  • Define and review its services to ensure its activities achieve the aims of JOYSAT (The UK branch of the Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme)

  • Develop partnerships with like-minded organisations to achieve its aims.

  • Promote its values, including, healthy living, education, excellence and equality.

  • Deliver education and training to give individuals the tools to live HIV and AIDS free, as well as offering support to those who are already affected.

  • Strive to widen the access to support, and provided high quality football coaching.

  • In order to ensure that commitments and aspirations are achieved, there must be sustainable and adequate resources available.

  • Encourage individuals to fulfil their full potential.

  • We aim to use a health programme to increase young people's awareness of disease, including, HIV/AIDS. The programme will include posters, football tournaments and education.

UK Co-Ordinator - Christina Wren - tel: (UK +44) 01506882165 - e-mail:

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