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One of the first things we did was develop first aid training that works on a peer education basis

Providing Emergency Treatment and First Aid Skills and Training

Young people are trained to become educators and hold regular workshops with fellow local youth and adults living in impoverished communities where access to emergency medical services or care is severely limited due to the horrifying experiences we witnessed with the developing world such as lack of basic medical care. These are run regularly and combine theory with interactive practical sessions in order to help equip individuals and entire communities living in extreme levels of poverty with invaluable life skills so that they themselves can use the skills we provided to be shared throughout their own regions.

The reasons why we provide Life Saving Skills and Emergency First Aid Treatment

Simply to help the relief of suffering and to help save lives. In the west we often take for granted basic skills such as first aid but in Africa these skills are not easily available. Boosting health standards our workshops are designed to empower young people with accurate information. Our goal is to provide skills to administer basic first aid and emergency treatment because access to hospitals in rural impoverished African communities is severely limited and can hospitals can be hours if not days away from where people live. The reality is that many African people cannot afford even basic emergency treatment, so we provide a safe and comfortable environment to learn and discuss basic health issues and this includes first aid training. Our African volunteers deliver this training themselves within their own local communities. Using both Swahili and English translators and of course the enthusiasm of our young peer educators ensures that nothing gets lost in translation.

Furthermore, we help maintain and equip schools and communities with full first aid kits to be use thereafter. We send our teams of volunteers into entire communities to continue to monitor and update the first aid training previously given. Together we strive to share these transferable skills with as many people as possible in order to help save lives. Our ultimate aim was to help the African people create and maintain their own outreach workshops themselves and in 2011 we managed to achieve this, thanks to the dedicated staff and students at Mount Kilimanjaro School, 12 young people now deliver this service themselves.

First Aid Skills and Training

Why use Peer Educators?

Young people are inspired by other young people and their work is vital because unlike schools in the UK, African school children rarely have access to medical facilities. Indeed, the nearest medical facilities maybe some distance away with no immediate means of transport to get there. If an accident occurs sadly in Africa a child is often left untreated due to teachers having little or no medical knowledge other than traditional practises. By empowering a child with basic health and first aid skills, not only can this problem be addressed, but these skills can also be taken home to communities and families where medical facilities are often a rare luxury. We empower people with limited access to medical facilities with basic first aid skills and by doing so this helps break down many barriers. The reality is that sexual health is still a very taboo subject in African Communities and teachers are reluctant to teach such subjects. Our work is important because by working together with teachers and students and by sharing our knowledge and skills these vital life saving messages do get across. Our work stretches to helping the suffering, vulnerable and disadvantaged. Furthermore, this includes offering emotional, community and welfare support to orphans or to people in any given society by qualified staff and volunteers with relevant training and necessary qualifications.

Why adopt a holistic approach to social challenges?

We take a holistic approach and this means we use whatever skills a person is willing to share with others to help support disadvantaged young people living within the UK lacking in aspiration for life. We provide transferable skills to help people find employment and unlike most other projects out there we allow them an opportunity to join us in our work within Africa. We believe in giving EVERYONE an equal chance to join us regardless of their educational background. Here at Mount Kilimanjaro we understand not everyone is academic and this does not mean they cannot contribute to society. Regardless of age, or gender or disability our doors are open to everyone. We pride ourselves on being INCLUSIONARY not exclusionary! Most importantly through our work in the UK helps people see past their own communities and the skills and experience they gain by joining us really does help increase their chances of gaining meaningful employment.

We have a number of peer education projects that we carry out such as our football coaching to the deliverance of our arts, crafts and music workshops, and we encourage you yourself to help develop these further driven by your own motivation, inspiration and interests. Whatever your skills are we can utilize them, so why not find out more about our sustainable food programmes, conservation workshops, Counselling, nursing or teaching students, Marketing, Events management, Journalism, Film Making Students you are all welcome to join in or if you feel you have no skills you can still join us. Remember by giving you will receive so why not join this international humanitarian organisation (non profit making organisation) now to see how you can make a difference too in your own life, at the same time helping others gain invaluable work experience. It maybe that you want to help decorate an orphanage or do some conservation work, or help with our sustainable food projects. Whatever your ideas are tell us about them and we will try our best to help you implement them.

First Aid Skills and Training

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