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Sustainable food programmes, First aid training, Educational workshops - just some of our recent projects

In 2011 we created a Sustainable food programme

whereby, the children from Newlands orphanage in Tanzania are now operating on a self reliant basis. We helped them to plant the crops in order to help feed them-selves. Now they have been taught the skills in which to maintain the crops them throughout the year.

In 2010 we trained young people from Scotland in First Aid

Who were then given a chance to join us in our work in the summer months. Transferring skills on to the students and staff at Mount Kilimanjaro School in Tanzania pupils from the school are now saving lives, teaching first aid themselves, providing emergency treatment and equipment to schools and rural communities where access to education and hospitals are severely limited.

Developed a Clothes collection/recycling programme

This now operates and will be developed further within Africa, works jointly with our friends at the YMCA. We collect clothes and deliver them to orphanages in Tanzania. Bringing together schools and colleges in Britain we aim to develop further this side of the programme to help design collection boxes to be placed around tourist areas in the Kilmanjaro area and with the help from our supporters at the YMCA we can collect the clothes and deliver them to orphaned children who need them the most.

Conservation Educational Workshops

Held jointly with the African Wildlife Centre in Moshi, Tanzania. We encourage people to join in and learn more about the environment, animal welfare and conserving the environment. We also produced an Education Research Project which has helped implement and facilitate new procedures at Mount Kilimanjaro schools in order to improve educational standards.

Providing IT support, and educational resources

To schools and orphanages, we also provided young people lacking in aspiration for life back here in the UK with a chance to get involved at designing, implementing and delivering educational and IT workshops, sharing their newly acquired skills with others and including them in the process at every stage. Our work is important in this area because providing IT support helps the developing world catch-up with the West.

Creating Income Generating Schemes

Setting up a small shop which pays for the transport for our first aid teams in Africa. Proving skills and resources which tend to be no longer used in the west, we help people survive by developing small cottage industries so that people living in impoverished communities can support themselves. Through our Arts project: We worked with a street artists who helped the children from Newlands orphanage and Mount Kilimanjaro School develop art skill, which in turn, has allowed the children to sell their art to create income support for themselves.

Our Cards Project

Enables the children from Mount Kilimanjaro school to make their own cards and sell them to tourists, which makes money for the previously established first aid programme and develop more small tuck shop and the funds raised go towards transport costs for students to deliver vital life saving skills to rural communities as they have now been trained in first aid and are now offering first aid around the region. Decorating Orphanages and Schools to building shelters or developing conservation projects within Africa: we take on many diverse challenges (see our photo gallery to see how we have improved the quality of life of many children) and without your transferable skills this could not have been possible

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