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We are currently working alongside a number of different charities in the UK to help support young people this includes a young carers group in Edinburgh which is held very close to our hearts.

Supporting Young Carers a Charity Close to our Hearts

For some young carers this means caring for a parent and/or siblings who either have a physical disability, mental health problems, or have to support other family members who may have drug/alcohol dependency. Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme identifies potential young carers and offers them support and new skills along with an invitation to join us on our amazing journey (on our next trip to Africa). The social reality for most of these young carers is that they can reside also in one parent or jobless households. According to their programme leader: for some of these young people -

Our young people have little aspirations or dreams and at times look no further than the community they live in" Shelley Bowman, Project Manager (2011).

Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme hopes to give these young people something to look forward, working at building their own aspiration for life by inviting them to join us. They are encouraged to join in also on a number of fun activities. We can also provide mentors who work closely with them as we set out to introduce these well deserving young people into new social networks of opportunities, so they can meet others from different social backgrounds and introduce them to new opportunities in life.

Broomhouse Young Carers Support Project

Broomhouse Young Carers offers respite to young carers from the ages of 7-18 by way of weekly support groups (Monday for 7-11 year olds and Wednesday for 12-18 year olds). In the main, young carers are helping to care for either a parent and / or siblings providing practical and / or emotional support due to ill-health, mental or physical disability, long term illness or where drug-alcohol dependency is a problem; and subsequently other complex issues such as depression, isolation, poor health, etc.

The Project provides young carers with educational, issue-based and fun sessions. Up to forty young carers enjoy respite from their caring role. They receive information, advice and support on issues affecting their lives. They share experiences in a warm and caring environment. Their confidence and self-esteem is built up as a result of the care and support from the workers. The young people enjoy a trip out once a month to a place of interest and all are involved in putting their weekly programme together. Young carers, where funding is available, organise and participate in a Residential weekend. Young carers in need of additional support are referred to their Young Peoples Counselling Service or for Youth Befriending.

Recent developments include participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, involvement in producing a Young Carers "story" page, and looking at personal safety and self-help therapies.

Young Carers' Stories - in their own words

My name is Gillian and I am a young carer. I help look after my ADHD brother and sister. I help my mum with housework. Being a young carer can be very hard at times and can be very stressful - but - it has brought me closer to my mum.

I am a young carer. I live with my mum and dad and 3 brothers. My dad has been disabled for seven years. I help him run a bath, shop, clean and look after my little brothers. I take my brothers out for walks and try and give dad some relaxing time. It's quite awkward being a young carer. You feel left out at times.

I am 12 years old. I have two sisters. I become a young carer by looking after my mum. I also help my mum by cleaning and doing chores. My mum has a really bad back and bad knees. She finds is really hard to do some stuff.

I live with my mum and dad and sisters. It is hard because mum works all day and my dad needs help.

They are there to provide personal, social and community development opportunities for disadvantaged groups in and around Broomhouse (Edinburgh) their areas of work include Health/Community Care, Education/Training, Social Inclusion/Outreach Activities. Here at Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme we say we are very proud to be working with you. We hope to give some of these amazing young people an opportunity to join us in Africa in 2012.

(For data protection purposes names have been changed)

Telephone / Fax 0131 455 7731

Address 79-89 Broomhouse Crescent,
EH11 3RHs

The Broomhouse Centre is a Company Limited by Guarantee (No.320027) and a Registered Scottish Charity (Charity No.SC 00 3706)


Some more of Our outreach Work in Scotland

Working with Young People In Stirling - Youth Under Focus First

Members have been invited along by the dietetic department in Stirling Royal Infirmary it holds dancing classes, swimming and gym sessions and football. YUFF involves children from Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

Our programmes so far have focused on improving access to physical activities Andrew Jenkins from our partners at Wallace Academy is delivering football coaching sessions which are fun- these have gone down well with the children. Andrew's work allows Children to experience new opportunities, additionally leading to improved fitness, self-esteem and confidence levels.

Additional Information about the YUF-F

Eight and a half thousand children in Forth Valley between the ages of five and 15 are classed as overweight. Only recently Health Secretary announced extra funding of £6 million over three years to help at least 20,000 overweight and obese children across Scotland as part of the Government's agenda for tackling health inequalities. ((Source)

Youth Under Focus-First (YUFF) is an independent Community Group who will raise funds solely to provide activities planned with young people and their families to help them become fitter, lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Being overweight makes you look and sometimes feel different from others your own age. It may even affect you so much that it is difficult to take part in enjoyable activities. Most people, including young people, know what they should be doing but lack the confidence, support and encouragement to make a start and keep up the changes that will improve their health. So we started YUFF! They hope to encourage any child who is overweight to attend with their family as this is the first step to making positive changes.

Janice Fry
c/o Dept of Nutrition & Dietetic SRI

Tel: 01786 434097

Our outreach work in the UK

UK Co-Ordinator - Christina Wren - tel: (UK +44) 01506882165 - e-mail:

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