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What you should ask your self – if you want to join us on our amazing journey in the United Kingdom and Africa

Ask Yourself

Would I like to help out in the UK? Our work helps support disadvantaged young people lacking in aspiration for life, individuals and communities.

Helping Out in Our Overseas African Journey

  • Would you like to do voluntary work in Africa for 4 weeks next summer?
  • Are you prepared to help fund raise to provide vital first aid and survival equipment for young people in Africa and help support your own application and communities back in the UK?
  • Working in rural locations you may be one of a few volunteers, who manage to get a real glimpse of life in Africa are you up for the challenge?
  • You may be asked to help out in rural projects or tribal traditions.
  • We will help you to challenge your own abilities, so that you can be of service to those who need your support the most.
  • We will encourage you to gain skills and qualifications.
  • This could be a totally life changing experience for you.
  • Working with this international humanitarian organization means; you will be encouraged to work with your own creative ideas, driven by your own self motivation.
  • By given you will gain so be inspired and inspire others and hold on to our motto: Inspire Educate Empower Sustain
  • Remember the African side of the project is completely self-funded.

Still interested? Then get involved now and join-us next summer volunteering abroad, working with students from 'Mount Kilimanjaro School's First Aid Team' and meet our dedicated voluntary staff in Scotland and Tanzania.

Information for Prospective Volunteers in Africa

This is a cultural experience, not a holiday; you are therefore required to respect local traditions and lifestyles.

Resources are extremely limited and please be appreciative of what you receive, you are there to assist please remember not to dictate.

It is not your job to impose your cultural beliefs or traditions but to acknowledge and respect the Tanzanian people's.

Food rations reflect those of the local people's everyday allowance which is extremely limited in choice and low in variety. To say they have a restricted supply or simple tastes would be greatly underestimating the poverty faced by local people, let alone for children and young people living in local orphanages.

Religion plays a large role in Tanzania but none in this organization. Please try not to display your personal religious beliefs as they may be misconstrued as representing the beliefs of the project and can cause problems.

The accommodation provided is in the local community which is extremely hot and dusty, with no electricity and limited water supplies. Expect to feel dirty and sweaty most of the time and you'll be close to the lived experience.

Tanzania like most other countries has its danger this is due to extreme levels of poverty. (Please be aware at all time you must travel in groups throughout the community for your own safety).

So ask yourself are you interested? Then if you are then we are definitely interested in you so please read on.

General Information

There is an interview process to ensure volunteers are suitably aware and equipped, that they fully understand both the hardships and risks they may face, and the rewards they can expect. We urge prospective volunteers to ask anything at interview or thereafter, remembering there is no such thing as a stupid question. It is better to ask than be ignorant. This is true in all aspects of training, processing, and indeed when travelling to and living in Tanzania.

The volunteer groups going out in the summer months, will be split into four groupings spread over; May/June, June/July, July/August. This will be dependent on demand and supply for individual locations. It is expected each group will spend 5 days per week for 4 weeks working and living in the locales where aid is afforded. The amount of hours worked per day is dictated by need, though heat and humidity levels are taken into account. Accommodation is provided for 'group living' where volunteers will share. Volunteers are predominately young people though there are people of all ages and abilities. While the project does its best to keep the accommodation safely locked up at all times, we urge that volunteers to take nothing that's irreplaceable or uninsured so if you don't want to loose it then don't take it.

UK Co-Ordinator - Christina Wren - tel: (UK +44) 01506882165 - e-mail:

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